Lenny Kravitz SWEARS By The Raw Vegan Diet – Should You Try It?

If you enjoyed this video, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE 👈 Lenny Kravitz is known for being one of the fittest rock stars on the planet. He’s proven that age is just a number and credits the Raw Vegan Diet for it. During a Zoom interview with Men’s Health, the musician gave a glimpse into his fridge.

So, what does Lenny Kravitz eat to stay in shape?

What is a Raw Vegan Diet?

Should you try it?

Stay tuned to find out and my thoughts on it as a Registered Nutritionist.

00:00 – Lenny Kravitz Diet
01:07 – Lenny Kravitz Men’s Health Interview
03:06 – What Is A Raw Vegan Diet?
04:23 – What Are The Health Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet?
04:49 – What Are The Side Effects of a Raw Vegan Diet?
06:02 – Should You Try A Raw Vegan Diet?


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