Juice Smart: Extract the Most from Dragon Fruit, No Waste Recipe

John from Shows you how the best way to juice dragon fruit so you don’t waste the expensive fruit flesh like most people show online.

In this episode, John shares his top 2 secrets to extracting the most nutrition, flavor, and phytonutrients from dragon fruit are tropical fruits that can cost a lot of money.

You will learn the best way to extract the nutrition out of dragon fruit so you get the maximum health benefit from dragon fruit and don’t throw away the valuable pulp.

First, John will show you the three different types of dragon fruits that are commonly available. You will learn which dragon fruit tastes the best and is most nutritious.

Next, John will share the best way to eat dragon fruit, which is not by juicing it! You will learn why John feels eating fruits whole is the best way to get the maximum nutrition out of fruits.

You will learn the second best way to process your fruits: using a vacuum blender, that excludes excess oxygen when blending to preserve more oxygen-sensitive vitamins and phytonutrients in your blended smoothies. You will learn how John will make one amazing dragon fruit smoothie bowl using wild blueberries, organic cherries, and frozen bananas.

Finally, John will show you how to best juice dragon fruit: by juicing the peel that is normally thrown away. He shares a published scientific study on how there can be up to 10 more nutrients in the dragon fruit skin that most people just throw away.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:18 I am the #1 World’s Juicer Expert
01:30 I don’t like you wasting money
02:27 How Much do Dragonfruits cost?
03:20 I do not recommend juicing most fruits for the greatest health benefit
04:30 3 different types of Dragonfruit
07:00 Opening the Dragonfruits
08:23 Don’t do this with the dragonfruit
08:47 Taste Testing Red Dragonfruit
08:55 Best: Eat Your Dragonfruit Whole
09:10 Second Best: Vacuum Blend Dragon fruit
10:29 Taste Testing White Dragonfruit
11:01 Taste Testing Yellow Dragonfruit
12:03 My Fruit Smoothie Recipe
13:23 Vacuum Blending the Smoothie
15:02 Dragonfruit Smoothie Taste Testing
15:38 Nama J2 is my Favorite Juicer
16:09 Peel of Dragonfruit is more nutritious than the Fruit Pulp!
17:25 This is the best Way to Juice Dragonfruit!!
19:22 Juicing Dragonfruit Peel and Organic Fuji Apples
20:00 Why the Nama J2 is Amazing
20:44 Dragonfruit Juice & Smoothie
21:00 Taste Testing Smoothie and Juice
23:02 Vacuum Blend in Your Vitamix and Save $25 with this coupon code
23:35 Save $55 on the Nama J2 Juicer with this coupon code

After watching this episode, you will learn the best way to juice dragon fruit to maximize your nutrition and get the most flavor from your dragon fruits producing the least amount of waste.

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