Is A Vegan Diet Biblical? | Here's What The Bible Says!

Veganism is not biblical – is this a myth or a fact?
Let’s find out whether it is Godly to eat meat or not in this interesting video!

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Regarding dietary practices, the Bible provides guidance on what is considered clean and unclean food in the context of Jewish dietary laws (Leviticus 11). While these laws do not explicitly address veganism, they do prohibit the consumption of certain animals, including those considered unclean. Some individuals may choose to interpret these laws as a basis for vegetarian or vegan diets, while others may view them as specific to the historical and cultural context of ancient Israel.

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul addresses the subject of food in his letters, stating that all foods are permissible for consumption but advises against causing others to stumble in their faith. This passage suggests that individual dietary choices should be guided by personal convictions and consideration for others rather than a strict mandate.

Furthermore, the Bible emphasizes the importance of hospitality and sharing meals together, often including animal products. In various stories, Jesus is depicted eating fish and cooking fish for his disciples . These instances demonstrate the cultural practices of the time without explicitly promoting or condemning a specific dietary choice.

Ultimately, if one chooses to be vegan based on concerns for animal welfare and the environment, it can align with biblical principles of compassion, stewardship, and responsible treatment of animals.

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