Humanity's longest war: The war against animals

Humanity's longest war: The war against animals

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Dr Stacy Banwell discusses her book, The War Against Nonhuman Animals: A Non-Speciesist Understanding of Gendered Reproductive Violence. I began exploring the entanglement of war and animals in season two of my podcast when Josh Milburn and Sara van Goozen were my guests. Stacy takes the analysis of war and animals along the logical continuum, putting our actions within the context of International Humanitarian Law, the Geneva Convention and the additional protocols. She does so in an astonishing way – she’s at once clinical in her analysis, devastating in her straightforward telling of facts and incredibly sensitive to the real and lived experiences of people and animals.

Stacy is an associate professor of Criminology at the University of Greenwich in the UK. She has made two remarkable animations on why the war against animals is a crisis for humans too and one on gendered wars and gender-based violence. She has a long list of publications in addition to the book discussed in this episode, and many focussed on gender violence whether during war or armed conflict or otherwise, including The Emerald International Handbook of Feminist Perspectives on Women’s Acts of Violence, Sex and Crime, and the monograph Gender and the Violence(s) of War and Armed Conflict: More dangerous to be a woman?

TW: discussion of gendered and reproductive violence


Stacy Banwell


Why is the war against nonhuman animals a crisis for humans too?

Gendered wars and gender-based violence: Who ‘is dangerous’, who is ‘in danger’?

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