How to Become Vegan – Go Vegan with Ease

How to Become Vegan – Go Vegan with Ease

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How to Become a Vegan — This is in response to a reader who is asking me in response to my “How to Become a Vegetarian” video. How do I become a vegan?

I’m going to share my process of how I transitioned about three months into vegetarianism to full veganism, what that looked like, and some simple ways that you can go vegan with ease.

Becoming a Vegan Easily — Implementing Simple Tips!

What happened was this.

When I first became a vegetarian, I made a declaration that every time I went to the grocery store, I would buy an item I have never bought before. I would go home and Google it.

“What the heck do I do with a butternut squash?”

“Oh, OK. It’s going to be good with this thing.”

Then, I would go and buy the other ingredients that I need and make some kind of new amazing dish that I have never made before.

If you commit to only buying one item you have never bought before every time you go to the grocery store, very quickly you are now going to have a WHOLE list of new meals you like to make, new foods you’ve tried, and new foods you know how to prepare.

You are going to get SO expanded inside your awareness of what is really out there in the food world. That was the process that really started everything.

The other mindset that helped was that I made a full commitment that I was going to listen to my body really closely. I was going to literally pay such direct attention to my body that I would listen for if it liked something or it did not like something, and if it loved something or if it hated something.

I committed to only buying things that my body liked and loved and never again buying things that my body did not liked or loved.

What was I listening for? What was I paying attention for?

Things like high energy, positive emotions, and feelings of satisfaction, nourishment, and deliciousness. Those are the things that you look for in a food that SERVES you.

Food that does not serve you is going to make you feel tired, sleepy, groggy, or maybe angry. There is a lot of negative energy inside of things like steak.

How does the food actually make you feel? That was the things that I was paying attention to.

How I Turned Vegan And How I Did It!

As I kept buying these new items, trying new foods, ditching the ones that did not serve me, and keeping the ones that served me, I started finding more and more veggies and more and more things that really served me, more and more nuts, seeds, super foods, and lots of different plant-based foods that served me.

I kept noticing more and more how much my dairy and gluten — because I also went gluten-free at the same time, which means getting rid of wheat — I started noticing how that stuff was not serving me.

It came down to my body that simply straight up revolted. When I first went vegetarian, I was still under my programmed mind of:

“Oh, I need to get my protein.”

So I was eating TONS of Greek yogurts and getting lots of protein. My dairy intake went way up and so did my grain intake because I was seeing that:

“Oh, whole wheat wraps have protein. This has protein, etc. etc.”

It came to the point where I was eating a bowl of granola and Greek yogurt and I would take a bite and sneeze fifteen times. I would take a bite and sneeze fifteen times.

“Oh, light bulb! Maybe I am allergic to dairy out of nowhere for the first time in my life?”

Sure enough that was exactly what happened. As I cleaned out my body, my lactose allergy, whatever it was that I had never noticed my entire life, became very apparent.

Then, I started doing some research. I found out that milk is actually TERRIBLE for you. It’s not good for you. It’s not normal to drink milk. In fact, seventy percent of the world does not drink dairy and thirty percent of the world does.

So, WE are actually the strange ones.

Then, I also started at the same time finding out how bad gluten and wheat is for you. How your body treats it like an invading organism and how it causes micro-tears in your gut…

It’s the reason that all these people are walking around like all fluffy and mutated. People look like mutated fat. It’s not how it used to look. It’s because of our wheat and what the wheat that we have created is doing to our bodies.

Basically, by listening to my body process and finding out some more information, I removed dairy and gluten from my diet.

The last thing was the eggs. And eggs, I hang on to for a solid couple of months beyond everything else. I was done with dairy, but eggs I held on to…

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Noah Hammond

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