Health Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet | Dr. Ron Weiss On The TODAY Show

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Dr. Weiss is an integrative medicine doctor whose focus is the reversal and prevention of illness, using unrefined whole plant foods. He is knowledgeable and skilled at both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. While he can prescribe pharmaceuticals or surgery if necessary, he focuses on getting you off prescription drugs instead of putting you on them, and he helps you avoid surgery instead of directing you to it. That’s because Dr. Weiss knows that in all but the most extreme circumstances, your body has the ability to get well on its own. He is here to guide you on making that happen.

Yes, You Can Heal

If you get a cut, your body can heal it within a matter of days. That’s how the body functions when it is in balance. Our bodies, however, have been thrown off-kilter, from the bombardment of environmental toxins and unhealthy lifestyle habits of the modern age. So the first and most critical step to healing from chronic illness is eliminating those toxins and practicing healthy lifestyle habits. When you take these steps, you give your body the opportunity to heal, without invasive medical interventions that can throw off your body further and send you spiraling downward.

And so, as part of our comprehensive healthcare reform in New Jersey, we offer primary care medicine that takes into consideration your entire life and guides you on making healthy choices across the board. We understand that transforming lifestyle habits can be challenging, which is why we additionally provide healthy living classes and lifestyle immersion programs that not only teach you how to get well but support you through every step of the process.

At Ethos Health, you have the support of an entire healthcare team that is personally invested in helping you get well:

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