Former Vegan Says Omnivore Diet Is Better for Health, Environment

Low-carb nutritionist, Ali Miller shares insights about how she ditched anxiety using a whole-food diet.

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05:20 Be flexible. We all have different metabolic flexibility based on our muscle mass, activity, genetics, and hormone state.
06:02 To make keto a sustainable movement we need to be open to a whole food approach.
06:20 Meat heals.
09:47 We endogenously produce cannabidiol.
10:40 Mitohormesis is when stressed mitochondria endogenously produce more antioxidants.
18:12 You can’t hate your body into healing.
20:01 Nocebo are thoughts that harm and need to be dealt with for healing.
24:39 4-7-8 breathing is breathing in through 4 seconds through the nose. Hold for 7. The release for 8 is a shush.
28:35 Ali started eating meat after her panic attacks.
34:00 Animals are essential to biodynamic farming.
37:35 Vaginal inoculation was done for the C-section birth of Ali’s daughter.
38:09 Breastmilk contains human milk oligosaccharides and cannabidiol.
49:03 The parasympathetic state is more than rest and digest. Reproductive health is regulated, metabolism, sleep cycles and circadian rhythm.
55:37 Belief in the process is an important part of healing.
59:25 Friends and family can be resistant to your health/lifestyle suggestions.
01:00:33 PharmaGABA is a fermented natural compound of GABA. GABA taken as a chewable influences the enteric nervous system.
01:01:30 When gut bacteria are balanced, you make more serotonin and more GABA, which mellow stress and anxiety. In a dysbiotic state, you make more epinephrine.
01:02:00 Often the root cause of anxiety is a pathogen or parasite in the gut.
01:03:36 Keto is anti-anxiety.
01:04:02 As a light switch for bed GABA Calm is effective. Foundationally effective are magnesium bisglycinate and myinositol.
01:10:30 Leptin is a hormone that regulates satiety.
01:13:09 Leptin fluctuates with menstrual cycles.
01:14:32 An insulin response drives leptin refill.
01:20:00 Leptin oscillates on a diurnal rhythm. Always test at the same time of day.
01:21:30 The anti-anxiety diet is dairy free.
01:22:32 Probiotics are nature’s Prozac.
01:31:10 Ali’s desert island nutrient/food is ribeye. There is a form of cannabinoid in red meat.
01:33:47 Ali’s morning routine: Spend time with her daughter and drink fatty coffee.
01:36:07 Ali’s elevator speech: Stop subsidizing crap crops. Stop creating affordable garbage. Decentralize our food system.

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