Everything you need to know about VEGANISM | Animal rights & ethics of veganism explained.

Challenge your belief and value system. Here is everything you need to know to understand the ethics of veganism, and the only question that you need to ask yourself to rethink your morality and how you see life.

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I am a vegan/animal rights and environmental/climate activist, and I share various educational content on veganism and plant-based living – the ethics, environment, climate change, and nonhuman & human rights issues, as well as easy vegan/plant-based recipes.

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About this video: Why do we exploit and consume animals? Should culture or tradition dictate or guide our morality? Why do we value some lives more than others? Does intelligence define worth of life? Is it necessary to eat meat? Can you ethically consume locally farmed and free range animals/animal products? Does humane slaughter exist? Can sensory pleasure justify what we do to others? Why are animal rights important, and why should you go vegan? This video will answer all of those questions, and help you rethink how you view life.

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