Dr. Angel Crawford on Vegan Lifestyle

With 25 years of experience as a licensed psychologist, Angela Crawford, Ph.D. is passionate about sharing the benefits of a plant-powered, vegan lifestyle for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. She writes, teaches, and speaks about thriving emotionally, living compassionately, and finding our unique purpose in contributing to a kinder, healthier world.

Dr. Crawford previously worked as a psychotherapist for over two decades, empowering clients to address stress and trauma, improve coping skills, and achieve holistic well-being. She holds certifications as a transformational coach and vegan lifestyle educator, as well as in EMDR (trauma therapy) and plant-based nutrition.

She recently authored a book about the transformative impact of a vegan lifestyle on mind, body, and spirit (due to be published in 2025). She is also coauthor of The Behavioral Medicine Treatment Planner.


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