Clear Entity Possession With A Raw Vegan Diet

Entities attach to us when we are at low points in our life whether through drug use or emotional trauma. I had entities attach to me in my late 20’s when I was living in LA and doing drugs. I got lucky because I had a divine intervention experience that helped me remove those entities. But almost immediately after the entities were gone I discovered the raw vegan path. My vibration was being syphoned by lower energy forces that kept me from thriving.

I have learned that we can use the higher vibration of a raw vegan diet to keep us free from entity attachments, also strong enough to resist them and even psychic enough to see them. Are you feeling drained all the time? If you have any viruses, chronic illnesses or just can’t seem to get healthy an entity possession could be the reason. Watch this video to learn how to clear them out of your energy field!

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