Carnivore Team GB | LIVE Q&A #1

Carnivore Q&A Extravaganza: Join the UK’s Top Influencers for a Meaty Discussion!

Ben Hunt

0:19: 🎬 A group of individuals from the UK discuss their experiences and offer tips on the carnivore diet.
6:59: πŸ’ͺ Richard went from being unable to walk up the stairs to becoming a European champion in men’s bodybuilding, and now competes in duathlons and triathlons.
13:04: πŸ‘₯ The speaker expresses gratitude for a loyal viewer and client and recommends subscribing to a YouTuber named Rick who has a humorous channel.
19:38: πŸ˜– The speaker discusses their experience with gout and challenges the traditional belief that meat causes gout.
26:07: πŸ’§ Dry fasting for 48 hours can effectively eliminate gout attacks and reduce inflammation.
32:40: πŸ₯› The speaker discusses the debate around the health benefits of raw dairy and the issues people with autoimmunity face with dairy consumption.
39:17: πŸ₯› Dropping out dairy fat can help with faster fat loss, but some individuals may have a higher requirement for calcium.
45:18: πŸ’‘ Supplementing with Biotin may help with skin issues due to excess protein intake, but it is important to first eliminate toxic foods and reduce protein intake.
51:04: πŸ”‘ The video discusses the importance of adaptation and electrolytes in a ketogenic or carnivore diet.
56:55: πŸ’‘ The speaker recommends using keto Pro electrolytes for around 15 quid and suggests consuming 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilo based on individual needs and activity levels.
1:02:55: 🧘 Listening to your body and following its cues is important for optimal health and well-being.
1:09:22: πŸ₯› Raw dairy may confer some short-term benefits but can also cause intestinal permeability in the long term.
1:15:27: 🍝 The speaker experienced cravings for macaroni and cheese during a period of inflammation, which made them reflect on the connection between cravings and past addictions.

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