Can Exercise Reverse Aging? How to Exercise to Age Well

Can Exercise Reverse Aging? How to Exercise to Age Well

Learn a geriatrician’s top tips for aging with strength, independence, and vitality, and the four types of exercise every older person should do. #HealthyAging #StrengthTraining #SeniorFitness #strengthtrainingtips #strengthtrainingforwomen

In this essential guide, Dr. Leslie Kernisan delves into the transformative power of exercise for older adults. Discover how tailored physical activity not only combats muscle loss and frailty but also enhances mental well-being and cognitive function, paving the way for a life of independence and quality. From the science behind muscle aging reversal to practical advice on incorporating strength, aerobic, balance, and flexibility exercises into your routine, this video is a treasure trove of expert insights.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 How to Exercise to Age Well
05:43 The benefits of exercise in aging
12:20 Is walking good exercise?
14:30 Strength training in aging
17:55 Aerobic exercise in aging
19:45 Balance exercises for seniors
21:45 Flexibility exercises in aging
25:09 Best exercises for fall prevention
26:59 How to start and maintain an exercise routine
31:16 Managing risks of exercise and avoiding injuries
36:52 Exercise to counter frailty and sarcopenia
43:56 Exercise when there’s Alzheimer’s or dementia
48:03 Getting someone else to exercise
50:30 The role of protein and strength training
54:31 Recap & Dr. Kernisan’s top exercise recommendations

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