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On the weekend I was watching Buzzfeed’s Vegan For 30 Days – The Test Friends, where 4 young adults tried out a vegan diet. I found the experiment to be rather disappointing, as the participants didn’t stick to the diet afterwards, probably because social pressures and convenience led them back to their usual routine, and they weren’t really informed enough about the ethical and environmental side of eating meat, eggs or dairy to want to make a big change. I believe that if they had more support and information about the vegan lifestyle during the 30 days, and were more educated about the reasons for it, they would have been more willing to make veganism a lifestyle. Perhaps watching documentaries or being given some books to read would have helped them, rather than having them make a change that they weren’t really ready for mentally.

As I was reading through the comments, I found that most people were aware that the Buzzfeed Vegan For 30 Days Challenge was not a fair portrayal of the vegan lifestyle. However, I found one thread about Freelee the Banana Girl, where people were mocking her and what she would probably say about the video. I jumped in with my thoughts and references to other resources that people could look at and think about. It turned into an argument about how humans have “evolved to eat meat”, “a vegan diet is horrendously expensive”, “humans are not evil for eating meat”, “why not kill all the carnivores”, “humane treatment” “I don’t care what vegans eat”…and other terrible excuses for people not going vegan. I thought I would address those excuses in this video.

Origins of the Hunter Gatherer Myth:

Plant based diet increases telomere length:

I’m a high carb vegan, and have been for over 4 years. I lost belly fat and significantly reduced severe acne through becoming vegan. I share videos that I hope will help you on your journey to becoming healthier, while also being kinder to the animals and the environment.

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Humans Are Herbivores:

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