A Healthy Vegan Diet Improved My Eyesight

I picked up my new glasses today and wanted to share my excitement over being able to see distant details again 🙂

I have been wearing glasses since the time I was about 16 years old and when I was in college, my vision was pretty severely affected by all the time spent in front of computer screens.

For several years after, my prescription was -4.x in each eye. Then in 2009, I started eating healthier and getting back into shape. I included lots of fruits and vegetables into my diet (for example, eating 3-5 pieces of fruit a day). As a result, my eyesight improved to -3.5 in each eye.

In 2015, I switched to a healthy, vegan (whole food plant based) diet and my eyesight further improved to -3.3 and -3.1 by 2016.

Now, in 2017 (after almost 2 years on the vegan diet), my eyesight has improved even more to -3.0 and -2.75!

I will be discussing other health benefits I experienced in future videos but for now, I simply recommend that if you want to improve your vision, start eating a whole food plant based (vegan) diet.

My parents always told me to eat my carrots so I can have healthy eyes… seems like they were right!

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