3 Reasons Raw Food Heals All Disease

Everyday on social media I have people tell me that a raw vegan diet is dangerous!!! Why are people afraid of raw food? The irony in this is that raw foods are optimal for every living species on earth including humans. What’s truly dangerous is our over consumption of cooked food and a willful ignorance of how truly whole, raw, unprocessed foods promote optimal vitality and health in the body!

A raw vegan diet will reverse all disease! Yes, a raw vegan diet is different from the normal narrative of health but the truth remains, what we put in our body is the sole cause of illness and/or vitality! Raw food is the key to living life to our fullest potential and it’s amazing! I highly recommend you watch this video, 3 Reasons Raw Food Heals All Disease!

3:11 1.Elimination

7:34 2. Absorption and Nutrition

9:52 3. Purpose

12:26 Start With A Juice Fast

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