3 Quick & Easy Recipes Pizza Supreme | Avocado Chickpea Smash | Bbq Tofu Wrap | High Protein & Fiber

Finding healthy lunch ideas can be challenging, but look no further. Discover the perfect solution with these three quick and easy recipes. Not only are they absolutely delicious, but they also pack a punch of health benefits, being rich in both protein and fiber. These recipes are sure to become staples in your meal rotation for weeks to come.
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00:00 Intro
00:38 Recipe 1 Chickpea Avocado Smash
01:01 Chickpea Avocado Recipe Prep
02:03 Adding the seasoning to the bowl
03:23 Assembling the sandwich
03:40 Tasting time
04:31 Recipe 2 BBq Tofu Wrap
04:54 Preparing the tofu
07:10 Assembling the wrap
09:01 Tasting time
09:21 Recipe 3 Pizza Supreme
09:47 Prepping the Textured vegetable protein
11:18 Assembling the pizza
15:55 Tasting Time
16:18 Gratitude

Pizza Supreme Ingredients:
Textured soy protein
grapeseed oil
liquid aminos
flat bread
marinara sauce
red & green bell peppers
vegan mozzarella cheese
olive oil
garlic powder
Balsamic drizzle

Avocado Chickpea Smash Ingredients:
1 can chickpeas
1 ripe avocado
red onion diced
garlic powder
black pepper
red pepper flakes
smoked paprika
1/2 lime
sourdough bread

BBQ Tofu Wrap Ingredients:
1 block firm tofu
My Vegan Kitchen™ All Purpose Seasoning
nutritional yeast
grape seed oil
BBq sauce
romaine lettuce
red pepper hummus
tortilla wraps
jalapeno peppers
vegan feta crumbles

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