12 Oils Ranked by Health Effect

12 Oils Ranked by Health Effect

This video ranks commonly used cooking or food oils based on health effect using a formula I call The OILgorithm which is based on fatty acid profile, antioxidants, and other health effects.
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The OILgorithm Spreadsheet:

Coconut vs Butter LDL:

Omega-6s – Arachidonic Acid Content of Foods:

Omega-6s – Lower Conversion of Omega-3s:

Antioxidant Comparison of Oils 1:

Antioxidant Comparison of Oils 2:

Antioxidant Comparison of Oils 2:

Antioxidant Comparison of Oils 3:

Fatty Acid Breakdown (Cross Checked with Other Sources):

Olive, Soy, Palm detrimental effects in healthy people:

Canola and Olive Mortality Study 500K People:

Canola vs Olive LDL Lowering in High Cholesterol Women:

Canola Trans Fats:

Canola Lowered Mouse Antioxidant Status:

Canola Mouse Brain Study:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil General Artery:

Outlier of Lower Artery Function Extra Virgin Olive:

Butter vs Olive Oil Artery Function Type 1 Diabetes:

EV Olive Oil Mouse Brain Study:

EV Olive Oil Glutathione Humans:

Flax Oil RCT Artery Function Doubled:

Meta Analysis of RCTs Flax Oil Lowers Inflammation:

Flaxseed Oil Lowers Platelet Aggregation:

Flax Oil Increases Antioxidant Status:

Flax Oil Side Effects:

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