1 Month Vegetarian to Vegan Update | 6 Benefits of going Vegan (My experience)

I just wanted to post a quick video about my progress so far being a Vegan! I can not stress how drastic my changes have been so far after only 30 days. I always thought that I was at my optimal health as a vegetarian. I often viewed Veganism as an unnecessary extreme that I did not need to explore. I decided to give it a try after further educating myself through articles, books, and documentaries. I was then faced with a decision to make, and once I made it I never looked back. So far my body has truly thanked me for my mind’s decision! It’s cleansed me of excessive sweating, body odor, and a skin condition known as tinnea versicolor! I plan on posting these updates around the 21st of every month for the next year. Subscribe to join the journey!

**Freaquently Asked Questions**
What cameras do you use? :

GoPro Hero3 Silver:

Canon 60D:

Canon T5i:

Canon SX610HS (Vlog Camera):

Sigma 24 mm 1:1.8 Prime Lens:

Sigma 30mm 1.4 Prime Lens:

“How Tall are you?”-6’4″

“How Much Do you Weigh?”- 215lbs

“What do you edit your videos with?”- FCPX


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