As well as being a healthy vegan gluten free food advocate and nutritionist, I am also an artist and I am putting together an Art Exhibition which is focused on Animals Lives and how they matter and should matter to everyone. I hope it’ll be a vegan feast for both the eyes and senses.

A preview of some of the piece’s will be held in Carton House within The Kildare Gallery from Oct 1st to Nov 1st. The full exhibition will then be held in Dublin, Meath, Kilkenny and Galway over the next few months. If you are interested in showcasing / platforming some of the works, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



My collection titled Animals | FADE is my attempt at capturing various species of animals who are slaughtered for human food consumption and forgotten about as their lives ‘fade’ into the back drop. Hopefully these images will help people go and think about what they contribute to by eating animal products. All Materials used are ethically sourced.


It is my own depiction on how we as a human race – are allowing animals to fade into the backdrop and how we turn a blind eye to the innocent slaughter and go about our day to day lives as if it isn’t happening. It is very simple however – The blood is on our hands and the ice caps are melting. These issues are not going away.


I am constantly ridiculed for being a vegan but I am proud to respect my fellow earthlings – we all share this planet and we are allowing it to be destroyed by a failed Agribusiness model that consumes the land and takes innocent animal lives by the million every day.

What a journey trying to put ideas onto canvas of how much I feel animals are abused in the world – how emotional a journey – trying to remain true to them. As an artist who has endured a broken hand twice in one year – this has truly been a journey.

*August 2016 news update*

Well known -and loved within the Vegan artist community- facebook page Vegan Art featured ‘Claire’ as their art of the day. It’s been a busy day receiving lovely messages of encouragement and support. I am so glad that my art is touching people.

*July 2016 News Update* I am delighted to announce that my piece “Claire” taken from my exhibition ‘Animals | FADE’ has found a home in Dublin’s newest all Vegan restaurant:

@sova_food_vegan_butcher Dublin’s new Vegan restaurant. Beautiful food, great location and a fitting place for a painting that is so close to my heart and echoes my sentiments and that of all vegans that animals lives matter. It is part of my new exhibition which will preview in@cartonhouse Kildare Gallery next month before moving around the country to various gallery’s and locations spreading the message to be compassionate for all species of the earth 🐮🙏🏽✌🏻️ do try out Sova Food Vegan Butcher – 51 Pleasant st, Dublin.