Salsa Verde the powerhouse sauce! 

Beautiful salsa verde with black olive 💚 so very good for you for a myriad of reasons mainly that it is an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C as well as a good source of vitamin A, folate and iron. Which means it’s perfect for flu prevention especially this time of year as it is such a positive immunity based food! 

The three main herbs in Salsa Verde are: 

Parsley: This herb contains two types of components that provide unique health benefits. The first type is volatile oil components—including myristicin, limonene, eugenol, and alpha-thujene. The second type is flavonoids—including apiin, apigenin, crisoeriol, and luteolin.

What does that mean?  It’s volatile oils such as myristicin—have been shown to inhibit tumor formation in animal studies, and particularly, tumor formation in the lungs. Myristicin has also been shown to activate the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase, which helps attach the molecule glutathione to oxidized molecules that would otherwise do damage in the body. The activity of parsley’s volatile oils qualifies it as a “chemoprotective” food, and in particular, a food that can help neutralize particular types of carcinogens (like the benzopyrenes that are part of cigarette smoke and charcoal grill smoke). Ain’t this one hell of a herb to add to your food!! 

Parsley is the world’s most popular herb. It derives its name from the Greek word meaning “rock celery” (parsley is a relative to celery). It is a biennial plant that will return to the garden year after year once it is established! Read more about this herb here

Dill: The health benefits of dill include its ability to boost digestive health, as well as provide relief from insomnia, hiccups, diarrhea, dysentery, menstrual disorders, respiratory disorders, and cancer. It is also good for oral care, and can be a powerful boost for your immune system and can protect you from bone degradation. It is also an anti-inflammatory substance, which means that it can protect you against arthritis. Furthermore, it can reduce excess gas, and is considered a carminative. 

Dill can be a perennial or annual herb, depending on where it is cultivated in the world and has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Another incredible herb to add to your plate! Read more about this herb here

Basil: Basil is a common aromatic herb in the mint family, the same plant family as other nutrient-dense, beneficial herbs, including mint, oregano and rosemary. Basil, of course, is used to add flavor to a variety of recipes, but what may surprise you is the many benefits of basil that make it well-known for its immunity-enhancing properties. Basil extract, or basil essential oil, is proven to help prevent a wide range of health conditions, which makes it one of the most important medical herbs known today. Basil contains antioxidant-rich volatile essential oils, which are considered hydrophobic. This means they don’t dissolve in water and are light and small enough to travel through the air and the pores within our skin. Basil’s volatile essential oils are what give the herb its distinct smell and taste, but they’re also responsible for the healing benefits of basil.

Did you know? There are actually 35 different types of basil. Basil plants come in a range of variety and sizes, but holy basil is the most researched type of basil thus far. Holy basil is the species of basil most known for its powerful healing qualities. To date, at least six different essential oils have been identified in holy basil within its seeds, roots, leaves and stem. Holy basil, which has the scientific name Ocimum sanctum L. or Ocimum tenuiflorum L., is known to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and powerful adaptogen — meaning it helps the body to respond to stress and fight disease. Read more about this herb here

So there you have it some great insight from multiple studies above will show you that salsa verde is jammed with so much herbal goodness! Without further ado here is the recipe: 


Handful of the following herbs: 

  • Parsely 
  • Basil 
  • Dill 

One Clove of Garlic 

Healthy drizzle of olive oil (about 2 spoons) 

Juice of half a fresh lemon

1/2 cup of black olives (or else capers) 

Sprinkle of salt and pepper 


Place all ingredients (stalks and all) into food processor and mix until it becomes a thick sauce. Season according to your own taste. 

Enjoy on top of tofu, as a burger or sandwich relish or in pasta! It’s a versatile sauce so have fun with it! 


I put mine on some gluten free vegan toast with cherry tomatoes! Delicious! 


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