Turmeric potato cakes 

Hello folks! 

This one is for all of you who, like me, have just gone back to the gym after being off on recovery from a muscular or hormonal kind. For me- I just had a ruptured ovarian cyst and it has taken a good few weeks to recover from. 

I am being very mindful of the food I am eating because since turning vegan I’ve been consuming a lot of soy (tofu and tempeh) which, for me personally, translated to high Estrogen levels which are not good for my body. Fibroids and cysts started to form and I am focusing now on eliminating that process of growth and getting protein sources from everywhere else in my vegan diet. 

The doctor advised me to even eat fish but I can’t. Eating a sentient living creature doesn’t compute for me. I tried it last year on docs orders and no no no. But now I also know soy is not an option for me.

Adequate amounts of proteins, minerals and nutrients all require balance and this is what I am working towards. Studying nutrition is helping me so much with adapting. 

Be sure that when you drastically change your lifestyle that you too get regular checkups! 

Turmeric is one such food item that I feel is underrated – it is a powerhouse of a healer and as part of my recovery and excerise routine I am incorporating it in my meal planner. 

Today in the form of turmeric potato cakes 😍😍😍

You’ve got to try this delicious low fod map turmeric Indian inspired potato cakes 😍😍😍 recipe below: 

Recipe and directions:

Cook a batch of potatoes – I’m cooking for three so I cooked about 4 rooster potatoes. Then once boiled – mash with vegan butter until nice and soft and creamy – set aside for about 20 minutes. 

Add a cup of gram chickpea flour 

1 large spoon of chia seeds

A sprinkle of of Garam masala spice mix 

A generous sprinkle of turmeric 

Dollop of coconut oil

Salt and pepper

Fresh Coriander and Parsley to garnish 

Mash up all the ingredients with the cold potato mash then shape into patties and put on a pan for a few minutes each side until they start to brown. 

Enjoy ! 🍽🍽

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  1. lexxie rae says:

    phytoestrogen (in soy) is not the same as estrogen. maybe your levels were high from genetics or from accidentally consuming dairy. either way, don’t be afraid of plants!! and good job saying no to fish!!


    1. lindacooganb says:

      Thanks for that !

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