Vegan shepherd’s pie 

Here is my recipe for a delicious tasting vegan shepherds pie which I devised after my girlfriend, who just recently turned veggie, had a longing for a meaty shepherds pie. 

I wanted to create a meaty shepherds pie that wasn’t the usual lentils. So borrowed from my hazlenut burger and messed around with the recipe.

The result is a tasty nutritious protein packed sheppards pie that almost tastes identical to the real thing! 

Try this out, tell me what you think! 


For the topping of mash: 

6 rooster potatoes boiled and mashed with almond milk and vegan butter 

For the mince : 

Half a cup of hazlenuts 

200 grams of mushroom 

One yellow carrot shredded 

One whole orange carrot shredded 

One whole carrot diced 

200 grams of mushrooms diced 

2 cups of garden peas (frozen will also do)

Tablespoon of thyme 

Tablespoon of parsley 

Sprig of rosemary 

Sprig of sage

2 cups of Gluten Free vegan gravy 

3 cups of vegetable stock 

Sprinkle of salt and pepper 

One small sweet potato grated


Cook the potatoes. Mash and set aside.

Shred the carrots and sauté on pan.

Then add in 200 grams of mushroom and hazelnut in food processor and blitz into a breadcrumb consistency. 

Add to the pan of sautéed shredded carrot. Next add the herbs and gravy along with the stock. Then add the diced mushroom and carrot. Along with the peas. So that there is a chunky mix of veg too! And let cook until you have your sheppards pie mix ready to go. 

Take out a greased oven proof dish and lay the ‘meat’ mix on first finishing with a top layer of creamy mashed potatoes and then grate the small sweet potato on top with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and place in oven for 20 minutes on 200c. 

Enjoy ! 
Ps I got the gluten free vegan gravy in a store – any type will do! 


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