Veganuary is here! 

    In case you haven’t noticed it’s Veganuary! which means many people around the globe are, in an effort to be more compassionate, choosing a more health conscious and eco friendly diet by cutting meat, dairy and all animal derived foods from their diet for the month of January. Hurrah! There are plenty of Vegan recipes on the site and nutritional tips so feel free to take a wander around.

I would like to say fair play to everyone getting involved, it will be hard though so here are some tips to keep you in line for your daily Protein intake! 

The most frequently asked question by everyone this month will be Will I get enough protein? 

Yes! you will indeed. There are plenty of plant based protein sources that make up the complete proteins we require to ensure the building blocks of life are in working order. 

Foods such as: 

Tofu (10 grams per cup), 

Quinoa (8 grams per cup), 

Black Beans (8 Grams per 1/2 cup), 

Amaranth (7 grams per cup), 

Green peas (8 grams per cup), 

Hemp Seeds (13 grams in 3 tablespoons), 

Chia seeds (5 grams in just 2 tablespoons), 

Tempeh (12 grams per cup), 

Edamame (8.5 grams per 1/2 cup), 

Spinach (5 grams per cup), 

Broccoli (4 grams per cup) 

and most nuts (7 grams per cup) 

Along with the above listed food items, there is whole lot more plant based foods that have adequate amounts of protein to sustain the RDA’s. Please note that Women need an estimated 46 grams of protein per day and Men 56 grams.

Most people probably will do ok with the not eating meat aspect, but remember to stay clear of dairy too, which includes cheese and milk, here is a reason why!

A cow can only produce milk if she gives birth to a cute little calf that we will theoretically name Daisy, for now. Cows that live on dairy farms are impregnated every year so that they continuously supply milk for the farmers to use to sell to us humans. (Just imagine if you were forcefully impregnated every year?) The calves are then ripped away from their mothers only a day or two after they’ve given birth to them. Can you fathom being separated from your new born the day after you bring him or her into the world? It is not nice is it? Yet the farmers separate them to maximise on the milk produced for human consumption. Female calves are then raised as milk making machines, are slaughtered immediately or possibly sold for veal production. Not an ideal existence for any creature. Hmmm… even worse is that the average life span of a Cow can be up to 20 years, yet is about 5 years on a dairy farm. In a natural setting of Mother Natures intention, cows would fall pregnant normally when she hooks up with some bull across the field who’s been giving her the eye, calves would suckle from their mothers, as milking by humans would be completely unnecessary. So please enjoy your almond, rice, soy, hazelnut or coconut milk this month! 


There are so many Vegan foods on the market especially by budding Irish suppliers such as Dee’s Wholefoods – her quinoa food pots and vegan burgers are spectacular in the taste department, Moodley Manor – their vegan sausages and bacon is well, not to die for 🙂 but is absolutely delicious!, Chia Bia do a great range of Chia seeds and you can also buy any amount of vegan cheese from Art Of Zen foods or any Nature store Nationwide. 

To Find out more about Veganuary see the wonderfully informative dedicated ‘Veganuary’ site here:

And may the force be with you all! 


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