Vegan sandwiches

Sometimes the easiest recipes are just what is called for on a lazy day. The ol’ ham and cheese toastie melted on white bread soaked in butter… NO! Don’t do it! Cheese being apart of dairy is one of the most carcinogenic foods out there. I know it’s hard but there are healthy alternatives that taste just as amazing! Come on.. Let me show you. 

Keeping it healthy and nutritional isn’t hard but falling into traps of eating ‘comfort food’ that has no nutritional value and just adds on the pounds is super easy to do. So today I am focusing on easy ways to make a sandwich that will offer health benefits with adequate intake of fiber, nutrients and protein. 

I got this BIONA rice and sunflower seed bread in a nature healthy eating store. Bear in mind I nearly died when it discovered it was €6.10 for 6 slices of this mini bread pan, I nonetheless bought it thinking there would possibly be golden pieces in it, seriously why is eating healthy a route for us vegans to be taken the piss out of ! And mega expensive charges put on our food! But I’m not going to rant because on the contrary the bread was Delish! 

Here is two types of toastie I made with it. 

1. Asparagus and overnight marinated Cavolo Nero kale in beet juice with tomato and vegan mozzarella.

The night before I made a beet juice with : 2 carrots, 1 beet, 2 apples, and novolo Nero kale. I had some left over so I chopped up the kale and out it in a little food storage pit and let it marinate over night. The flavours the next day were amazing. And it went dab on this sandwich. 


Simply grate some Vio Life Vegan mozzarella on the rice bread, add tomato as place under the grill until cheese starts to melt then add the marinated kale and some lightly browned cooked asparagus.  

2. Falafel on rice bread with leafy salad

Next up I tried vegan gluten free spinach and pine nut falafel from GREATFOOD and topped it with vegan cheddar, ground hazelnuts, mixed leafy salad, tomato chutney and veganaise garnished with coriander. 

Never be afraid to try new foods. But for the love of your own body if you are going to be lazy and convenient make sure it’s also healthy! Don’t be ruled by food and make yourself sick – but nurture with food and assist and allow yourself to be the epic person you are. 


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