Vegan Sushi

I have been hooked on Nori Sushi lately because it is such a quick and easy food to prepare and its mainly prepared with raw ingredients and is best served cold! 

If you have any loose veg or left over half heads of pepper or random carrots and half cucumbers laying about the fridge this is perfect to use them up!


All you ideally need is whatever crisp veg you can muster – today I used the below ingredients :




Sliced bottled pickled ginger or fresh ginger

Red cabbage 

Cashew nuts 

Teriyaki sauce 

Soy sauce

Sprouted broccoli 

Thinly sliced Runner beans 

Red pepper 

Sushi rice 

Rice wine vinegar (for sushi)

Nori seaweed sheets 


Cook the sushi rice and sprinkle rice wine vinegar and leave to cool for about an hour, once it’s boiled. 

Cut the veg thinly and at length.

And leave on a preparation board on the counter. Take the now cold sticky sushi rice from the fridge. 

Take the Nori rolls out and place the rice and veg spread out across it in a near line then roll.  There are a couple of methods of rolling here I never had any trouble rolling without a mat. And never used the tea towel method either. So whatever works best for you! 

 The nori will take a couple of minutes to absorb the moisture and go soft and gather the consistency of seaweed rolls. 
Leave for about 15 minutes (if you’re really hungry and want to dig in straight away) other wise place the prepared sushi in the fridge for about an hour then serve with soy sauce or wasabi! Whatever takes your fancy. I prepared some cashew balls to eat with it for added protein to the dish and these were made simply by adding a cup of cashew and some teriyaki sauce in the food processor and mixing until it becomes a paste. 



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