No bake brownies 

I love how easy these nutritional little treats can be. Especially when you are in need of a boost and for the glucose levels to perk up. They are easy to make as long as you have a food processor and require no baking at all. 
Medjool dates are packed with calories, carbohydrates, proteins and yet no fat. They have sugar in them which is broken into glucose, fructose and traces of sucrose and maltose. They allow for a healthy digestive system and help keep cravings at bay by being a slow energy release food. They also have an abundance of dietary fibre making them great for avoiding constipation. It’s high content of potassium outdoes bananas and they even make you look better by aiding with muscle tone so these guys are perfect for when you are training and in the throes of an exercise regime! 

The recipe is easy and can be altered. You can even add cranberry or gogi berry. Today I used Brassil nuts, pistachio and walnut with dried shredded coconut. They are yum eaten straight away or else left in the fridge where they can go that little bit harder. They can last about a week or more too! So make a great meal prep energy food!


1/2 cup of pistachio

1/2 cup of Brazil nut 

4 medjool dates 

2 tablespoons of cacao powder 

1 small tablespoon of vanilla essence 

1 small tablespoon of coconut palm sugar 

1/2 cup of gluten free oatmeal 

Drop of water 


Mix the nuts in a processor first, mix well then add the oatmeal and mix again. 

Then add the medjool dates, cacao, coconut palm sugar, vanilla essence, and drop of water. 

Mix. Then it is ready. 

Separate the mixture and mould into either protein balls or brownies/bars. With some left over walnut and desecrated coconut simply crunch down and then sprinkle on top. 


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  1. Those look insanely good!


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