Dee’s Vegan Sausages 

I very rarely – well ok I never have up until recently – bought ready made convenience foods such as vegan burgers or sausages as I always make them from scratch. However. And here it is… Some weeks work gets over loaded and you literally don’t have a free minute! So when that happens, it’s ok to occasionally bypass a meal prep and indulge a little! And support Irish while you’re at it!
  What is great about this brand of vegan food is that it is Irish and delicious. I particularly love the Irish Dulse seaweed flavour! She also has a selection of burgers and quinoa pots which are delicious but I don’t buy them as I do prefer to cook my own. These sausages, again, are the exception 😊 and a little treat once in a while. 

You can fry them, grill them or oven bake them. They have a great flavour and have an adequate amount of protein, are gluten free and of course vegan with no artificial flavours and they are GMO free 🌿✌🏻️🙌🏻. 

Below, I grilled two vegan sausages with steamed spinach and pine nuts and sautéed wild mushrooms on a slice of gluten free toast and two vegan sausages! It was delicious! I say well done to Dee for making a delicious easily accessible, affordable (roughly 3.99 for an 8 pack) and vastly nutritional. Even my non vegan, meat eating friends and family love them!

Try them out and come up with your own creation!! 

To check out more information on Dee’s produce go here: 


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