Aubergine tower

This is a super easy recipe that is delicious and full of Vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre with links to reducing blood pressure. It is also a low calorie food! Great for weight watching!


3 thin slices of aubergine

Balsamic vinegar

Agave syrup 

Salt and pepper 

Thin slices of tempeh which has been marinated in balsamic for about ten minutes 

Place on high heat on a pan with coconut oil for about 3 mins each side until golden brown. 

For the pepper pesto: 

Mix 4 small sweet peppers 

1/2 cup of pine nuts 

Drizzle of balsamic vinegar 

Drizzle of agave syrup 

Salt and pepper 

And mix altogether in food processor to make this delicious pepper pesto! It is also low fod map as it doesn’t have garlic or onion! So easy on the tummy and digestion ! 

Place some chard and spinach or any leafy salad on a plate and then place slice of aubergine at bottom followed by layer of pesto and tempeh and repeat until tower is made! And eat! Enjoy! 


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