Abundance Vegan curry

I have been experimenting lately with food. 

It’s good to experiment. 

‘Culinary arts’ is an art after all because it’s down to practice and getting better. We are fortunate enough that the food we can source comes in great abundance. Some people in the world aren’t as fortunate. I think about these things when I cook. I feel blessed every time I put fork to mouth because I am grateful for what I have in abundance. I am enjoying this journey with food, getting to know its properties and nutritious content and learning what goes well with what. 

Today, I finally made a curry I am proud of. Because trust me here was many trial and error moments before today. I have been following a low fod map eating regime and today I thought I’d test the waters with reintroducing some onion and garlic into my cooking. Turns out as delicious as it was, I do indeed have an intolerance for onions and garlic. Isn’t the body an amazing living place. It literally tells you what works and doesn’t! I was dying after eating it! Because I put onions and garlic in the recipe ! But at least now I know for sure its them two culprits that doesn’t agree with me! Discovery with food is so important. Awareness of what works and doesn’t work for you will save you a lot of discomfort. 

A while ago I was suffering with lower abdominal pains and the doctor said to go back eating meat but that wasn’t going to happen so she said why not try taking out onion and garlic from your diet and see how you get on. And try the fod map eating plan. I did and I haven’t been getting the pains back. I have established that along with being Coeliac, I also have intolerances to certain foods. I’m glad I openly tried the doctors advice. Always listen to your body as it doesn’t lie. I just realised that this evening. Even though the curry I made was fab taste wise – I could have not added the onion and garlic but I wanted to test the waters. 

Bottom line is this: be creative with food, be adventurous, try new recipes, if you have ailments look at what you are eating and as Hippocrates once said LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE. It is after all, in every sense of the meaning. And people, please for the love of yourself, eat healthy, be healthy and mind yourself. 

Now see the epic recipe below for my Indian curry 😁 it has great cancer fighting properties with the spices and ingredients!


Quarter of an onion diced  

Thumb of ginger sliced finely 

One Clove of garlic chopped finely 

2 potatoes cut into cubes

Half a courgette cut into cubes 

Tablespoon of coconut oil 

-shallow fry all for about 10 minutes then set aside. 

Take your large saucepan and add the below – 

Half an aubergine cut into cubes 

Half a butternut squash cut into cubes 

Two cups of water 

Three cups of coconut milk (good quality!)

Two cups of garden peas (if you can’t get fresh then frozen will do, but leave them in hot water for a minute or so before adding to the saucepan)

Two cups of passanta tomato from a good quality brand 

Cup of chickpeas 

10 mangetout peas whole not sliced or cut. 

A hefty Tablespoon of the following each: turmeric, ground coriander, cumin, pinch of chilli powder, good quality curry powder. 

A large table spoon of tamarind paste. 

Healthy drizzle of tamari sauce

Healthy drizzle of agave syrup

The reason I am not saying a specific amount of each spice is down to you having to discover what amounts work for you. For there are those of us who don’t like putting a lot of chilli or coriander in our recipes. So add a little and add more as you go and to what suits your own tastebuds ! 

Put all the above ingredients including the onion and garlic into the large saucepan and let simmer for about 30 – 40 minutes to let it cook and the flavours come out. 


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