Quinoa Patty 

For protein today I road tested a new recipe for a Red quinoa patty 🙌🌿👌✌️

Being a coeliac vegan I love Quinoa because it is naturally gluten-free and contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and fiber. 

It is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein and comprised of all pernine essential amino acids. So as a vegan this is a pretty important staple food ! 


Cook 1 cup of red quinoa for 20 mins then when it’s cold let it cool down

Add in a tablespoon of turmeric and cumin

A small bunch of chopped coriander 

Half a red pepper chopped 

1 tablespoon of date or agave syrup 

Salt and pepper 

Add a little gluten flour to thicken it up and mix all together to shape the pattys. 

Fry on a pan with coconut oil for 5 mins on each side and eat 😁👌✌️💪 


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