Crunchy water juice 

Good morning 😁😊🌿🙌 wake up with a green juice. This mornings is celery based with spinach, lime, parsley, carrot and pear. 

It helps you calm down so get it into you if you have a long day ahead or after a long day! 

Celery for stress-relief? Oh hell yes! You see the minerals in celery, especially the magnesium, and the essential oil in it, soothes the nervous system. Isn’t that awesome!  

It also regulates the body’s alkaline balance, protecting you from problems such as acidity and water retention throughout the day by acting as a balance 👏

Celery is great for aiding digestion: some say it tastes like “crunchy water,” and that is the reason it is so good for your digestive system! It’s high water content, combined with the insoluble fiber in it, makes it a great tool for easy passage of stool, and is a natural diarrhetic. 🌿 it’s good as a body flusher, as I call it 😂

Also – If you enjoy a celery-based snack in the evening, you will sleep better as it aids with chillaxing the body and mind 😊👏 


3 celery stalks 

1 large bunch of parsley 

3 large pieces of spinach leaf

2 carrots

1 pear 

Juice of half a lime 


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