UpBeet start to the day 

Beet Juice!! Great for liver cleansing and helps reduce blood pressure. And it’s so simple to prepare. I mean SIMPLE 😁✌️🌿👌 

But why consume beetroot? Well, Beets are an ancient, prehistoric food that grew naturally along coastlines in North Africa, Asia, and Europe. It wasn’t always the main beet ‘root’ than was eaten as it was cherished for its green leaf with red vein coursing through it originally. And why wouldn’t it be as it’s such a beautiful thing to even look at. It’s colours are glorious. The sweet red beet root part wasn’t consumed and cultivated until the era of Ancient Rome 🙌.


 In the 19th century, the natural sweetness of beetroot came to be appreciated and began to be used as a source of sugar (reportedly, Napoleon was responsible for declaring that beets be used as a primary source of sugar after the British restricted access to sugar cane).

Nowadays, sugar beets (unfortunately often genetically modified) are a common raw material used for the production of sugar, but many people are missing out on including them in whole form in their regular diet. So please do try and source non GMO beet and organically grown! 

There’s good reason to do so, because, beets contain a variety of unique health-boosting nutrients that you may not be getting elsewhere. Plus, they’re delicious!  

In short : Beetroot boosts stamina, fights inflammation, reduces blood pressure, acts as a liver cleanser & is a blood purifier! Drink and eat it up!💪


1 beetroot quartered 

2 carrots 

1 apple 

Bunch of spinach 

Bunch of kale 

Juice and drink ! 


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