Mineralistic juicing. 

Juicing, as I mentioned this week is becoming so popular it’s almost trendy. But what makes the best kind of tasting juice? Well that is entirely up to you. But make sure you do your mineral count. 

Minerals such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus are some of my favourite as they bring so many health benefits.  They are imperative for regulating the pH of our body’s fluids. Which is a fancy way of saying that they allow us to find the perfect balance of acid and alkaline in our body. Allowing it to heal, cleanse and grow in the best thriving environment. 

There ain’t nothing more effective than starting your day with a green smoothie or juice for that very reason. Not only does it regulate the blood sugar levels from the outset but if you add some flax seed or hemp -as I just did – it allows for a slow release of energy, making coffee a thing of the past. 

Typically people use a veg base followed by a fruit addition for sweetness but then again not all of use have a sweet tooth. Some prefer sour or potent. 

Hence why with your own juice you should try out as many as possible. 

Today after an incredibly long week in work at super early starts I have gone for a Brusell sprout based juice. 


I said Brussel sprout. 


 Brussel sprouts are super rich in a heap of valuable nutrients. They are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K too as well as containing numerous nutrients including folate, manganese, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, choline, copper, vitamin B1, potassium, phosphorus, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Along with peas, beetroot, apple, lemon and romaine lettuce this is a super booster juice that is very high in vitamin C. And so good for your Liver🙌👌🌿✌️


4 Brussels sprouts 

4 large lettuce leaves of romaine 

6 mangetout peasnaps 

1 apple 

Half a lemon 

1 small beet 

1 carrot 

And drink it up 


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