Avacado Chocolate Mousse

Because sometimes we just need cacao in our day. That’s why. Oh and Raw cacao is known as a ‘grounded’ food because it contains a truly epic abundance of minerals from zinc, calcium, phosphorous, copper…and it is therefore thought to be spiritually ‘grounding’ – we will roll with that thank you very much 😊

Secondly –  It’s an aphrodisiac, yeap tiz true, it contains anandamide, often described as an euphoric substance. Whey hey! Queue Music … let’s get it on…. Oooohhh yeah. 

Thirdly –  It’s high in essential feel good neurotransmitters such as seratonin; happy buzz people HAPPY BUZZ! 

It has heaps of benefits – Google it for more but they are my top three feel good for eating it factors without getting the chocolate guilts!



1 avocado 

Half a banana 

2 table spoons of cacao

1 Spoon of agave or organic date syrup 

5 figs or else medjool dates- whatever date type food you have. I’ve tried them all and they equally rock. Sometimes they just give a different texture. 

1 Cup of Almonds  ground – but I used hazelnuts here and just crunched them down as I like my mousse chunky and because I didn’t have almonds ! 😜

Throw in the food processor and bobs your uncle – divine! 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Max Savery says:

    Thank you for affirming the desert with promise of spiritual enlightenment. I will hold you to that.


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