Animal Love 

Ok so I tried to sleep as I’m up super earlies all week and nope- ended up watching Vegucated (watch the entire documentary there when you click) again tonight and cried my eyes out. Cried like a baby… 


 Or a baby… Cow


 Or no no a baby… Chick


I can’t handle the level of cuteness. I really can’t. Actually I’m still teary now and I just sent my girlfriend a whatsapp and I’m pretty sure she has my cray cray trajected to a new astronomical height tonight. I love her though, as even though she isn’t a vegan or a vegetarian she never eats meat around me out of respect and support. Maybe one day she’ll try it out for real. I live in hope . (Hello Kate 😁)

How are we so cruel? How! I have so much genuine empathy and love for the animals out there who are inhumanely tortured and killed and oh reduced to horrific existences for the sake of being on someone’s plate.  

Taking a moment out to say well done to every single vegan out there for making a change and not eating or advocating to the innocent slaughter of animals. ✌️👏🙌🌿 


Or actually how about beaver hugs, yeahhhhh  BEAVER HUGS TO ALL 🙌🙌🙌 


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