Spelt Bread 1 Linda 0 

Ouch. Is what my tummy would say if it spoke.  In fact it’d probably say more but let’s keep it PG. I’m a coeliac who has moments of absolute weakness. In my defence I somehow thought I could handle spelt bread. 

Is there anyone else out there who has coeliac moments of doubt? 4 years on and I still make mistakes.

To be brief and concise : in a nut shell – Coeliac disease is a permanent lifelong and chronic condition that occurs when gluten triggers abnormal immune system responses which damage the small intestine – it’s not very pleasant. I can tell you. No-uh-oh. 

If you visualise the small intestine and then little tissues in it called Villi, these guys are responsible for creating the surface which absorbs vitamins, sugars and other nutrients when your food passes through the small intestine. 


In the rare occasion that I am considerably bold and weak (my weakness is pastry and some types of vegan made bread – but not gluten free! it bloody well calls to me!!!) I eat gluten, and these Villi flatten out damaging the intestinal lining. Disabling the absorbtion of nutrients. Rendering all my healthy eating futile. It can also lead to stunted growth and weakened bones and other ailments and side effects that loss of vitamins can inflict upon the system. Sometimes you don’t even get pains or abdominal discomfort and its a silent side effect that attacks the small intestine and immune system nonetheless. Either way it’s not good on the aul intestine. 

For moi, I get instant pain. Like I am feeling right now. Ouch. 😣

Was it worth it? At the time – yes. Now? Hell no. 

Is there anyone else that finds it hard walking by this…..  


 99% of the time I am victor but tonight I faltered. And as an FYI spelt bread is NOT gluten free. 

Nope. Nope. Nope. 

Dear self, be strong next time. Be very strong and remember this post when in doubt and realise the pain you just inflicted on yourself. Crippling agonising pain. That goes for anyone else reading this who falls off the gluten wagon. I know I’m not the only one, as Sam Smith sings. 

Over and out. 

Picture by www.sciencelearn.org.nz

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