Keep it green

Green and Blue were always my favourite colours. I never had a favourite singular colour, as it was always them two that drew me in, in all of their shades especially within the sea and in the sky. I still adore looking out the window when I am on a plane and seeing new shades of each colour. They are ever changing. As should our food be. There is absolutely no reason for it to be boring.

When I was recently reading about ancient Greek mythology I learnt how from the chaos of The great Aether or Void came Gaia or Mother Earth and from her came the primordial deities : Pontus the God of the sea and Uranus the first personification of the sky and the heavens. Green and Blue. These colours became more vibrant in my mind again and it made me smile to imagine how we can make a literal sense of almost anything. And yes I am slightly touched thank you for noticing.


Which leads me to why I love green in my salads. Rich lush greens. Kale, spinach, broccoli, watercress… The list goes on. It’s all from Mother Earth 🙌🌿

Today’s salad is packed full of iron and protein. Has nearly 3 grams of protein in a bunch, 2.5 grams of fiber (which helps manage blood sugar and makes you feel full) Vitamins A, K and C, B Vitamin which is key for brain development and really important for vegans! It’s a real threshold of goodness compacted into Green.

My salad today was packed as I won’t have a break for about three hours so I needed to feel full for longer. I call it the spring in my step salad 😊🙌🌿👌


1 bunch of chopped Kale (organic if you can get it so it won’t have nasty pesticides)

Bunch of spinach 

1 Sautéed tomato sliced 

3 mushrooms sliced and sautéed 

Healthy spoon of chia seeds 

Sautéed beetroot 

Bunch of Watercress 

One small sliced sautéed season potato

Salt and pepper to season and toss all in a bowl! It’s delicious – you can add balsamic vinegar but I jus like it’s natural flavour of – yes you guessed it – GREEN!

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