Rise and Juice

Juicing. It’s becoming a bit of a thing now isn’t it? A few years ago an Aussie by the name of Joe Cross trapsed across America and began a kind of juice revolution by consuming nothing but vegetables and fruit based juice for 60 days in a vie to reclaim his health and fitness levels and radically change his habits. You can check out his story here, it’s actually quite interesting.

I always drank water and never really liked fruit. But LOVED veg so when I stumbled across Joes : Fat, Sick and nearly Dead documentary on yes you guessed it Netflix! Something resonated. And I read up on juicing. I started having 1 juice a day. I never did the juicing fast thing as I ate clean enough anyway at that point but I can honestly say I never went back. Two juice machines later and I am a daily juicer.

By the way I know lots of people enjoy smoothies and some may ask what the difference is between a smoothie and a juice and it is simple:

A juice has most of the insoluble fibre in the veg and fruit taken away from it leaving only the condensed juice and nutrients which get straight and directly into the blood stream as an instant nutritious hit leaving behind the pulp of the fruit and veg. Approximately 70% of the nutritious content is packed into the juice.

A smoothie still contains the pulp and fibre and therefore the body works at breaking it down before it finds its way around the rest of the body. It also makes you feel a whole lot fuller than a juice! A sustained release of nutrients and fibre disperses in a little bit longer time frame!

However blended or juiced – getting adequate intake of vitamins and minerals from plants in a quick turnaround is EPIC and either works!

Seeing as I personally cannot consume caffeine due to a heart condition – I always prefer the quick hit option of juicing. It’s the closest I have to a caffeine boost!

An epic morning juice is listed below: I call it the green wake up call.

Ingredients are as follows:

1 cucumber

2 stalks of celery 

1 apple (doesn’t have to be green as red would also suffice)

1 squeeze of lemon juice 

A generous handful of spinach 

A generous handful of parsley 

And a bunch of kale 

And press that juice machine button !


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  1. yumm!! such a good way to start the day 🙂



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