Evening wind down juice 

What a long day. Ever just feel like it’s gone on for a week? And that work is never ending. Well that’s a familiar feeling with many working professionals.  Even if we do love our job and all the travel it entails. Modern self sufficient women I hear you and feel your pain when your feet hurt and legs throb as you peel off your shoes at the end of a long day or week of work. But that’s life! So it’s super important to keep the body motoring. 💪 

This evenings juice is one of my favourites and actually has become my 4 year old nieces all time favourite juice – carrot and apple juice. I add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top too. 

Here’s the deal – carrots help to build on the bodies immune system and has been know to help the ol ticker by controlling against heart disease. It’s wonderful ‘beta carotene’ makes it a truly wonderful source of vitamin A – which can help improve your vision and with a regular daily intake can prevent the onset of heart diseases and strokes! Vitamin A is also super cool and gentle on the lining of internal organs which helps prevent pathogenic organisms from causing you any trouble. 

Potassium in carrot juice also reduces cholesterol and is epic for the liver as it reduces its fat and bile content! It can also stabilise blood sugar levels helping reduce the risk of diabetes 😊🙌👏 Vitamin A isn’t the only vitamin there it has C and K too. 

Vitamin K helps the blood to clot and is essential for the protein building our bodies have to carry out! So for us Vegans it’s super important! Not forgetting Vitamin C which is great for overall healing… must I go on? CARROT JUICE ROCKS!

Recipe below

2 carrots 

1 apple 

And juice it up!


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